What is K-Pop? Why is it so Popular?

K-pop, which stands for Korean Pop Music has many aspects that can be used in its description. It is not just some form of music but a culture that has been used to shape the young generation into what they should ‘look like’. It is a medium through which people from diverse backgrounds will come together, either in person or online.

K-pop culture is continually evolving due to the influence of other cultures and this brings about a change in trends. Though there are people who dislike the k-pop culture, they cannot fail to agree that it is catchy. It will allow the incorporation of more than one melody in a song, frequent repetition of words, and the use of English words randomly.

Here are the reasons for the popularity of K-Pop:

Use of Costumes and amazing video concepts

The creative costumes’ use where the outfits, make up, and the great video concepts are in harmony makes it so appealing and you will be shocked at how glued you will be to the performance.


Most of the songs revolve around a story and for this reason; one is filled with suspense throughout the performance to know how the story will climax.

Appealing tunes

Korean pop music is so catchy where the melodies used will keep ringing in the minds of the listeners long after the performance is over. The audience will not have a problem getting into the music even when they do not understand what the words mean.


The Kpop stars have a unique personality that makes them stand out. They are able to express themselves in a unique way and for this reason; they are regarded as ‘idols’ for most people.


Unlike pop stars from other regions like the US where the popularity is almost overnight, k-pop stars invest years in their training and grooming such that when they make their appearance, everyone will wonder where they have been.

K-pop will continue to thrive as there are always new trends that are being incorporated in the performances which makes the performances fresh every time.

Top Korean Actors Working in Hollywood

Hollywood has provided a platform for actors from all over the world to showcase their prowess in acting. Some of the best actors are Korean who have been able to play leading roles in popular Hollywood movies. Below is a list of some of these actors:

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun had a great reputation in South Korea but it was until he features in Hollywood movies such as Gl Joe where he was the lead actor, Terminator Genisys, and Magnificent Seven where he played a role alongside Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and the amazing Ethan Hawke.

Ken Jeong

This Korean actor is quite popular in Hollywood where he has acted in movies such as The Hangover and Community. He has also played leading roles in a number of comedies such as Dr. Ken and Pain and Gain. Ken is also the voice behind Dr. Yap in Bob Burgers.

Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun is well known for his active role as Glenn in The Walking Dead but he was killed in season seven. He has recently appeared in Okja, a movie directed by Bong Joon Ho where he acted alongside other popular actors such as Tilda Swinton. In the movie, he had a role specially made for his as a Korean-American.


This Korean Pop Star has an outstanding career in drama, music, and film and this is what made Hollywood movie directors make him a part of their team. He has starred in movies such as Speed Racer, Ninja Assassin, and The Prince where he acted alongside Bruce Willis and other famous actors. He had been asked to take up a role in the X-Men movie but he turned it down when he was offered a lead role in the Uhm Buk Dong movie.

The Korean actors have made a name for themselves in Hollywood and this exposure has also helped them to grow in their career through the global exposure that Hollywood movies enjoy.

Korean Culture and its Effect on the United States

The migration of some Korean nationals to the United States after the war gave them a new lease of life and in return, opened an opportunity for the Americans to have a closer interaction with the Korean culture. As the Korean immigrants increase in number, their presence could no longer be ignored which moved to US Senate to acknowledge the Korean immigration’s 100th anniversary. The impact of their contribution to society also prompted this move.

Here are some of the ways that the Korean Culture has impacted the United States

Remaking of Korean Movies: the increased popularity if the Korean movies such as Shiri, captured the attention of the Hollywood movie producers who decided to remake the movie in English. There is also an increased use of the Korean animation as it is considered to be among the best. Avatar is one of the Hollywood movies that have incorporated Korean animations in their production.

Korean work culture: Koreans are very devoted and loyal to their work and will devote long hours which have a negative impact on their relationships. This has made many corporate heads choose to have them as a part of their team. The long working hours make them appear cold though this is not true.

Rise of the Konglish language: As a result of the interaction between the Koreans and the Americans, a new language referred to as Konglish has come up. The language has become a trend among some of the US residents.

The Korean culture has also had a great impact on the fashion industry, food, and the hairstyles of the American people. The residents of the United States have adopted some of the Korean ways of doing things and in return, some of the American ways of doing things have also been taken up by the Koreans.