Korean Culture and its Effect on the United States

The migration of some Korean nationals to the United States after the war gave them a new lease of life and in return, opened an opportunity for the Americans to have a closer interaction with the Korean culture. As the Korean immigrants increase in number, their presence could no longer be ignored which moved to US Senate to acknowledge the Korean immigration’s 100th anniversary. The impact of their contribution to society also prompted this move.

Here are some of the ways that the Korean Culture has impacted the United States

Remaking of Korean Movies: the increased popularity if the Korean movies such as Shiri, captured the attention of the Hollywood movie producers who decided to remake the movie in English. There is also an increased use of the Korean animation as it is considered to be among the best. Avatar is one of the Hollywood movies that have incorporated Korean animations in their production.

Korean work culture: Koreans are very devoted and loyal to their work and will devote long hours which have a negative impact on their relationships. This has made many corporate heads choose to have them as a part of their team. The long working hours make them appear cold though this is not true.

Rise of the Konglish language: As a result of the interaction between the Koreans and the Americans, a new language referred to as Konglish has come up. The language has become a trend among some of the US residents.

The Korean culture has also had a great impact on the fashion industry, food, and the hairstyles of the American people. The residents of the United States have adopted some of the Korean ways of doing things and in return, some of the American ways of doing things have also been taken up by the Koreans.

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